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The Loch Ness Marathon Challenge: 3 Marathons, 3 Days

Join in the Loch Ness Challenge and run your choice of one, two or all three of our 3 days, 3 marathons challenge! Following the route of the entire 80-mile LochNess360ﹾ trail around Loch Ness,  you can choose your challenge and level. And it’s nearly all off road! The 3 marathons will be held on the following days: Friday 20th May – Sunday 22nd May 2022

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Breakdown of the 3 Marathons

The 3-day marathon challenge along the trail will include a full 3-day itinerary of activities outwith the marathons for participants to enjoy. More details to follow.

If you’d like to help out at the Challenge this year, we’re looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join us throughout the event. Find out more about volunteering on the Loch Ness Challenge here.

Marathon 1 (Day 1)

As with the Mountain Bike Challenge the event will be starting from Dores. The route will follow the South Loch Ness Trail up on to Drumashie Moor before dropping down to Cuillard Farm on the edge of Inverness. From here it heads in to Inverness and joins the Great Glen Way at the ‘Islands’. It then follows the route of the Great Glen Way all the way to the finish at Drumnadrochit.

This marathon challenge is the ‘easiest’ of the three but nevertheless should not be underestimated with over 770 metres of ascent and whether you wish to walk it or run it a high level of fitness is required

Total distance: 26.2 miles (42 km)
Time limit: 8 hours
Entry cost: £60

Marathon 2 (Day 2)

Setting out from the overnight stop in Drumnadrochit, Marathon 2 will take participants on a partial loop of the western side of the village before joining the Great Glen Way again near Clunebeg House.

From here the route heads steeply uphill for almost 200 metres before levelling out and continuing on towards Invermoriston. The views from the trail along this section down on to Loch Ness are spectacular! On reaching Invermoriston having descended sharply from a high point of 320 m , the route then climbs steeply again for almost another 300 m .

From here, following the High Route on the Great Glen Way it is a further 13 km to the finish at Fort Augustus.

This second marathon challenge is tough, very tough – the total ascent is approximately 1250 m, the route undulations will sap the strength from your legs and the major ascents at Drumnadrochit and Invermoriston will make or break you!

Total distance: 26.2 miles (42 km)
Time limit: 10 hours
Entry cost: £60

Marathon 3 (Day 3)

From Fort Augustus the route follows the South Loch Ness Trail. The initial 10 km while rising almost 400 metres is on wide, high quality trail. This is a particularly beautiful section to enjoy and savour and if your feet hurt you can always stop and bathe them in the cool waters of Loch Tarff!

From the high point at Suidhe, the route then descends slowly to the village of  Foyers. From Foyers the route then climbs for a short distance before descending to Inverfarigaig but this is only a brief respite. From Inverfarigaig there is a steady 7km climb up to the Fair Haired Lads Pass. This is the last climb! From here it’s all downhill (well, nearly!) to the finish at Dores.

Although another tough marathon route with approximately 1000m of ascent, it is, in our opinion, the most scenic of the three, with ever-changing landscapes and fantastic views down the length of Loch Ness at Dores.

Total distance: 26.2 (42 km)
Time limit: 10 hours
Entry cost: £60

Entry cost for all 3 Marathons: £150

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Map of the Marathon Route

The map below shows the full 80-mile trail around Loch Ness. The northern red trail is part of the Great Glen Way. The South green trail forms the South Loch Ness Trail from Fort Augustus to Inverness.

Elevation profiles

These elevation profiles show a cross-sectional view of the terrain along the Great Glen Way (sections 1 to 3 of the LN360°) and the South Loch Ness Trail (sections 4 to 6).

Elevation profile for the Great Glen Way
Elevation profile for the South Loch Ness Trail

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