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Stunning Loch Ness Viewpoints

The Loch Ness 360° trail has plenty of amazing locations and beautiful vistas. No matter where you are, there’s always something to see. Whether it’s a view over the loch itself, or out towards the rest of the Highlands of Scotland, there are plenty of Loch Ness viewpoints to make the heart race.

Here are 5 viewpoints that you just can’t miss when visiting Inverness and Loch Ness. They are all accessible from the Loch Ness 360° trail. Some are easier to get to than others, but all of them are worthwhile. 

Looking over the water to Inverness Castle in Scotland

1. Inverness Castle

This is a viewpoint that is right in the centre of Inverness! Inverness Castle can trace its origins back to 1057, with the current building dating from 1836. Although most of it is used as offices today, the north tower is accessible to the public.

From here, you can experience a 360° view out over the River Ness and the city, and beyond into the Highlands. Getting there is via 94 steps – unfortunately, due to the ancient nature of the building, wheelchair access isn’t possible above the ground floor. 

This viewpoint is on Section 1 of the LN360° trail. 

Dores beach on Loch Ness

2. Dores Beach

Not all viewpoints require a climb. 

Standing on Dores beach, you are able to look right down the length of Loch Ness. It really gives you a feeling on how big this body of water really is (23 miles or 36km to be precise). If ever there was a place to spot Nessie, this is it! That is why you will find local Nessie hunter Steve Feltham here. He’s been on the lookout for the monster since 1991. Perhaps you’ll catch a glimpse with him?

Section six of the LN360° trail starts at Dores beach. 

The Falls of Foyers, waterfall on the River Foyers

3. Falls of Foyers

Watching the Falls of Foyers cascade down into the gorge below is a great sight. It’s a 140ft waterfall that is called Eas na Smùide in Gaelic, meaning “the smoking falls”. 

The Falls of Foyers in spate is a ground-shaking experience – literally! The ground shakes under the volume of water thundering down and a misty cloud of moisture hangs in the air. It’s enough to shake you to your core and admire the raw power of nature. Fortunately, Foyers Lodge is nearby and offers a perfect place to stay for the night and recover!

This viewpoint can be seen on Section 5 of the LN360 trail

View from Suidhe Viewpoint in Summer

4. Suidhe Viewpoint

Of all the viewpoints to try and visit on your trip to Inverness, this one tops many people’s lists. On the south side of Loch Ness, you can get close to the Suidhe viewpoint in a car – but the last climb to the top is really worth the effort, if you can. On a clear day, you can get uninterrupted views across the Highlands in all directions. Try to spot Loch Knockie, Loch Nan Lann, Loch Tarff and Loch Kemp – as well as Loch Ness, of course!

Suidhe Viewpoint is on section 4 of the LN360° trail

View of Urquhart Castle from Loch Ness

5. Urquhart Castle

Popular attractions are popular for a reason, and Urquhart Castle is no different. This stunning building sits proudly, jutting out into Loch Ness. It’s often busy with tourists, so coming early in the morning may suit those looking for a quieter visit. 

Climb up the Grant Tower for an unmissable view over the loch and take in all its glory. There’s also a cafe to enjoy whilst enjoying the day. And remember to travel up the banks a little bit to make sure you get a photo of the loch with the castle in! It’s one of the most well known Loch Ness sights going.

Urquhart Castle is present in section 1 of the LN360° trail.

Views everywhere around Loch Ness

Hopefully, this has given you a taste of some of the sights available around Loch Ness. But don’t just take our word for it – get out there and explore! And let us know your favourite Loch Ness viewpoints on our social media!