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Terms and conditions

By registering to take part in the event you are agreeing to the following conditions of entry and any instructions given to you by the organisers, officials and marshals before, during or after the event.

The ‘organiser’ means Visit Inverness Loch Ness Ltd, company number SC474489, registered offices: Suite 1a, Willow House, Stoneyfield Business Park, Inverness, Highland, IV2 7PA

SSE Renewables Logo, sponsors of the Loch Ness 360° Challenge
SPONSORS: We are delighted to be sponsored by SSE Renewables and thank them for their incredible support in this epic set of endurance challenges.

The ‘participant’ means an individual entered into the event and may be referred to in the document as ‘you’, ‘your, or ‘competitor’.

The ‘event’ means the event organised by the organiser and the event you have signed up for.

Participants must be at least 18 years of age on the date of the event to take part.

Participants will pay Visit Inverness Loch Ness Ltd a registration fee when registering. The registration fee is set out on the event website. Your place is not secured until this fee is received.

Registration fees are non-refundable within 6 weeks of the event, prior to this time a 50% refund of fees wil apply. Transfer of entry is not permitted.

Registration places are sold on a standard entry basis.

If the event is cancelled due to events beyond the organiser’s reasonable control including, but without limitation, natural disasters, war, civil or political unrest, terrorism and extreme weather (often referred to as force majeure), the registration fee will not be refunded.

If the event is cancelled the organiser will not be liable for an incidental costs incurred by the participant including (but not limited to) travel, accommodation and/or other costs.

If the event is cancelled by the organiser due to lack of demand, full refunds will be issued.

A view along a track in the Highlands by a loch.

You are responsible for ensuring that you have the appropriate level of fitness to participate in the event. You are strongly advised to consult a doctor before undertaking any strenuous exercise or training programme, or participating in the event.

You are taking part in the event at your own risk. The organisers  will have no responsibility for any risk, loss or costs which you incur in connection with the event and you will indemnify the organisers and any persons acting on their behalf for any risk, damages, loss or costs arising as a result of your participation in the event. It is your responsibility to obtain any necessary personal insurance in connection with the event.

Prior to and during the event you will be responsible for your own safety, you will take all reasonable care to ensure the safety of other participants and you will comply promptly with all instructions and guidelines given by the organisers and any persons acting on their behalf. You must not deviate from the official route which will be marked with the event signage from start to finish. There will be marshals located on the route and all volunteers and staff involved in the event will be clearly identifiable.

As some of the events will have a route which follows and/or crosses a road, all participants must follow the event organiser’s route directions and requests at all times.

All participants will be given an event identification number at registration, which must be displayed for identification at all times.

You are responsible for returning any electronic timing device if issued. Missing devices will be charged back to the participant.

You must be aware of the check in procedures at checkpoints, if required. If you retire from the event you must inform the marshals at that checkpoint or call Event Control or advise the nearest marshal if retiring between checkpoints. This is particularly important as otherwise we must come looking for you which wastes valuable event resources.

The event is subject to cut-off times which will be within the event information and may be amended by the event organisers on the day, you will not be permitted to continue if you miss a cut-off time. In the event of severe weather, these cut-off times can be amended for the safety of participants, staff and volunteers.

The event may have a compulsory kit list as detailed on the website and in the event information. You must comply with this kit list and failure to do so could result in expulsion from the event.

The organisers reserve the right to change this list should it be considered appropriate for participant safety. There will be spot compulsory kit inspections and participants not complying with the compulsory kit will be disqualified from the event.

The organisers reserve the right to terminate an individual’s participation on health and safety grounds. The event will take place regardless of bad weather and will only be cancelled, rerouted or stopped for reasons of safety.

In the course of registering and participating in the event we will collect personal data from you. We may process and use the personal data collected for administrative, research and publicity purposes. You are entitled to request access to, and correction of, all personal data collected by us, as well as requiring us to delete your data if you no longer wish us to process it after having taken part in the event. To make such a request, please e-mail us at: info@visitinvernesslochness.com. Participants consent for their personal data to be shared with essential third parties which may include, without limitation, result timing services and medical services.

Photography, video, film and sound of participants may be taken during the event by our official photographer(s) and you consent to be photographed and/or filmed. You also agree to waive any and all rights to any photography, film, video and sound and grant the organiser sole and complete permission and authority to utilise it in all manners and media in perpetuity.

A road winding through the highlands of Scotland


All participants enter into the event of their own will, understanding the arduous nature of the event. As such they must be medically fit to participate and take full responsibility for their own personal health and fitness.

There will be random kit checks prior to and during the event.

Throughout the event, participants may be checked for their suitability to continue on grounds of capability, including their equipment and state of health. If any of the marshals and medical staff believe that the safety of the individual will be compromised by their continued participation, they reserve the right to ask that person or persons to stop. If that person or persons continue on the route they will no longer be officially participating in the event and Visit Inverness Loch Ness Ltd and associates take no further responsibility for their participation.

All participants agree to abide by the terms and conditions set out in the event Safety Briefing.


In the event of an accident or illness whilst taking part in this event, I hereby give permission for medical staff to initiate medical treatment and to inform my Next of Kin in case of hospitalisation.

To the best of my knowledge I submit a true and accurate description of my medical history and current condition. I understand that I am taking part in an event in a remote and rural location where there will be a longer medical response time in the event of emergency. I agree to take part in this event at my own risk and will not hold medical staff responsible in the event of acute illness, injury or death.

Participants must agree to inform Visit Inverness Loch Ness Ltd of any medical or other condition that might affect their ability to take part in the event. These details will be shared with medical staff.

If after reading these terms and conditions you don’t understand any part of them and want to ask us about them, please contact us by email at info@visitinvernesslochness.com